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In 2017, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be earning $2,000 - $20,000 per month with your own Internet Marketing business!

There’s no better way to secure your future, make money and have fun with very little overhead and minimal start-up costs!

Whether You’re A Seasoned Pro or Just Getting Started!

How To Scale From Your First $1 To $100k Per Month without doing the conventional stuff that eats up all your time.


Are you ready to make some serious bank with your boy Dave?

It's Time to Duplicate Dave!

What if...?

Killer Ads

We gave you all the ads to use and showed you exactly where to post them?

High Converting

We created all the high converting marketing materials like the sales letters and the videos?

Sales Funnels

Our tech team built all the sales funnels, which converts traffic into leads and leads into sales.

Email Follow Up

I handled all the email follow up and there will be nothing to set up or write?

Easy to Use

That's why we call it Duplicate Dave! This is one of the easiest systems to duplicate online success.


Our customer support team will handle all the questions and requests for you.

Proven Sales Process

My Proven Sales and Marketing Process (from my offer, to click, to customer)

We Close Sales For You

Our experienced team of phone sales professionals will do all the selling of premium priced products for you.

Big Commissions

And when a sale is made...YOU get a Huge Commission pay-out deposited in your bank.

Legendary Marketer's Club

Get started duplicating Dave's proven sales & marketing systems and learn exactly what you need to earn your first commissions online. 

  • Exact Walkthroughs Of How To Create Winning FB, Instagram and YouTube Ad Campaigns.
  • Traffic Sources - Our secret rolodex of high quality traffic providers
  • ...And much, much more!

Legendary Events

total transformation experience
Total Transformation Experience

Total Transformation Experience

At this workshop experience you’ll receive power and effective training on how to experience extraordinary results in your health and relationships, and advanced strategies on growing your wealth.

David will focus on helping you develop specific high performance habits that will give you the ultimate edge in your health and relationships.

As an added bonuses, you’ll receive exclusive wealth building and asset management skills to grow and protect your wealth. The result of this experience will be a new you, with a new, powerful and transformed outlook on yourself and the world around you.

Millions From Marketing Mastermind

At this live workshop you’ll receive step by step training, scripts and templates to several different online businesses so you can have everything you need to start and grow your online business, or add multiple streams of income to your business portfolio. Topics will include:

How to start and grow a social media agency, how to start and grow an e-commerce business shipping physical products, how to launch your own digital product and how to launch your own coaching/consulting business.

 You will also receive advanced traffic generation and marketing training to grow and scale any online or affiliate marketing business.

millions for marketing mastermind event
Millions From Marketing Mastermind
Sales and Marketing Experience

At this live event, you'll learn:"HOW TO AVOID THE DEATH OF YOUR BUSINESS IN 2017"

You should be curious and very skeptical because there's a lot of fluff on the internet, but there's only 2 things that really matter to the survival of your business... Sales and Marketing.

Professional Sales Closers

Leverage our professional sales team to close high ticket sales for you while you're out enjoying life doing the things you love to do.

When sales are made, we deposit Big Commissions directly into your bank account or Paypal account.

Really... is there anything better then having thousands of dollars being deposited into your bank account???

- You get strong, high-converting front end-offers.

- Awesome premium priced back-end products

- Killer 45 day follow-up sequence (80% of sales are made between the 5-12 contact)

- Awesome products that people love and get results with.

- GREAT high converting ads. GREAT advertising sources that work.


What They Say About Duplicate Dave?

"We came to find that we just hit $150,000 in sales in just 56 days!"
tom furry hat guy
Tom the furry hat guy
"I never knew it could be this easy to make big commissions online. I love the sales team closing sales for me!"
Kevin Dube
"Wow...$2046.20 in commissions! Not bad for my first week!"
jen dd
Jen Lim

So, What You Are Waiting For?

Join Duplicate Dave aka the Legendary Marketer now and get full access!

  • We give you all the ads to use
  • Tell you where to place them
  • Everything you need to do daily
  • Phone sales team to close your sales for you
  • You collect the BIG commissions!
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